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ESL Activities

Browse through the activities for ideas to engage your students. All the activities are easy to implement and require little to no preparation. In addition, the flexibility allows you to use many of the activities for beginning students, intermediate students, and advanced students, as well as with many different grammar or lesson points.

1 Accuracy, Accuracy, Accuracy!
2 Ask and Ask Again
3 Dictation
4 Dictation Race
5 Find the Mistake
6 First Sentences
7 Last Words
8 Listening Activities
9 News Lessons: Listening
10 News Lessons: Speaking
11 News Lessons: Vocabulary
12 Sit Down!
13 Six Sentences
14 Steal the Conversation
15 Talk and Walk
16 Teacher Speculation
17 Two-Minute Conversations
18 Video Speculation
19 Warm Up Activities
20 Write on Your Partner's Back